A downloadable AR Survival Game

In Two Days

This game was developed only in 2 days as a "game jam", the idea was to test a new mencanica of moniment that combines 2 things very funny, a fps cumon and current and a real mobile movement in augmented reality.

The idea is that the player can move his head in the real vira and can see what the person in the game sees, as if it were a virtual reality game (VR) but without the use of expensive devices or lenses of VR.

This game you can play it from your phone and you will feel an experience that is quite similar to a VR game.


As I said before, I made this game in just 2 days. that's why it's just a prototype of a much bigger idea that I want to develop. If I see that the idea is general it is good to continue expanding the game adding more mechanics and characters, at the moment it is just this.

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