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What is PIXINI? 

PIXINI It is an application of science that is designed for children, especially so that I am interested in the world of physics and spatial exploration

The name PIXINI arises from the idea that in the world of the current and ancient mathematics much of the variables of study and different magnitudes or even of constant mathematics are represented by letters of the Greek alphabet Old as an example we have to  The Sigma letter which is used to represent the Sum Of of several numbers.

Starting from this interesting premise can be divided the name of PIXINI in 3 individual syllables (Pi), (Xi) and (nor) each of them with a unique importance, represented to themselves Letters of the Greek alphabet.

PIXINI poses 3 internal modules each one with a specific and crucial function, also each section is designed individually and separately so each one serves to teach a different content in the field of physics.

Documentation And Research

You can download the documnetation of the pixini project.
This contains all the academamica information that is needed to use the game also includes the scientific research for which pixini is sustained. You can use this research as a basis or reference for your academic projects or for personal and informative use.

Current Development

The original project of pixini was developed in blender but at this moment it is being re hehco in unity to improve its functioning, you will have access to all the updates of the game and to its different versions during the development

*images of the original project that is in remake*

Open source (coming soon)

As the game is being developed in unity and it is an educational game, it will be possible for people to download the complete project where they can look and experience how this project works. They can even create their own versions and upload them publicly.

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